Snug Visitor Chair

Snug With beautiful lines and a wonderfully curved shell, the snug chair can provide a more cosy, domestic feel to your workspace. Harking back to 70s styling the snug captures simplicity and beauty in one single chair. With generous upholstery and a choice of frames the snug chair can find a welcome home in any modern office environment, while the snug Lounge chair brings elegance and sophistication to reception, break-out or waiting areas.


Seat Height: 440 - 485mm

Seat Depth: 450mm

Width: 620mm

Back Height: 375mm

Weight: 19kg

Material Required: 1.7m


Environmental Information

Stain To Sample

Wooden Frame

Consideration has been given, at the design stage, to minimise the environmental impact of the chair. The upholstery can be removed and replaced, both to prolong the life and to reduce the environmental impact.

Wide range of fabric finishes available