Re-upholstering your office furniture can save your business money and make your furniture look and feel as good as new. Contact Berkshire Facilities Group in Reading to find out more about our services. At Berkshire Facilities Group, we can re-upholster and renovate a wide range of office furniture including chairs and divider screens. Keeping in mind our environmental policies, we ensure that high-quality sustainable ‘second nature’ fabrics are used in all the work we undertake. The re-upholstery work is carried out on-site or at our workshop depending on the requirement of the work.

Furniture Recovery

Our team of expert professionals with over 30 years of experience behind them can re-upholster your furniture in the colour and design of your choice. We can also advise you on the most suitable fabric to use on your particular item of furniture.

Camira Fabrics - Our Supplier

Camira Fabrics is our exclusive fabric supplier. They are known for their range of environmentally sensitive fabrics. They have won numerous awards over the years including Export Achievement, Innovation and Sustainable Development, their most recent award received was in the USA for their nettle fabric Sting.