Mesh Visitor Chair

Conceived with comfort in mind, Mesh offers generous upholstery combined with sophisticated engineering to provide the ultimate in operator seating……at a realistic price point. A deluxe ‘active’ mesh back provides luxurious, yet responsive support, able to adapt to each user’s back, offering high levels of seating comfort.   A smooth, yet robust synchronised seat and back movement, or a permanent contact back mechanism lie at the heart of this chair collection.  Simple finger-tip adjustment ensures that the perfect posture can be achieved from the seated position, while the option of seat depth adjustment and height adjustable arms enable the Mesh chair to be ‘tailored’ to your exact requirement. The sophisticated mesh back provides superior support and allows the free movement of air around the user’s back keeping you cool and comfortable in all conditions.


Seat Height: 460mm

Seat Depth: 470mm

Width: 520mm

Back Height: 590mm

Weight: 10kg

Material Required: 0.7m


Environmental Information

Black Cantilever Frame

Silver Cantilever Frame

Chrome Cantilever Frame

Consideration has been given, at the design stage, to minimise the environmental impact of the chair. The upholstery can be removed and replaced, both to prolong the life and to reduce the environmental impact.

Wide range of fabric finishes available