EV-Smart Task Chair

Ev-smart has emerged from our passion for innovation and excellence, to provide a radical new concept in seating that combines the best in design, technology and materials.  Based on the popular V-smart ‘intelligent’ chair, Ev-smart is the natural progression – same concept, same comfort, but now combined with the popular ergonomic Ergoform back.  With the same ground breaking mechanism that allows movement whilst providing support and comfort every step of the way, Ev-smart automatically senses the user’s weight and instinctively provides the correct tension to work in harmony with your body.


Seat Height: 420 - 550mm

Seat Depth: 480mm

Width: 615mm

Back Height: 500mm

Weight: 16 - 17kg


Upholstered Headrest

White Frame and Base

Polished Metal Frame and Base

Environmental Information

Consideration has been given, at the design stage, to minimise the environmental impact of the chair. The upholstery can be removed and replaced, both to prolong the life and to reduce the environmental impact.